IFGICT in collaboration with HP Cybersecurity Threat Report Committee to Empower the Standards


IFGICT is in talks with HP to collaborate with them in order to empower the cybersecurity standards. This will not only be helpful for organizations but for both IFGICT & HP too as they’ll be able to manage records of so many different companies. The reason for this collaboration is that companies don’t take into account the possible security threats as a result of which they become a victim of hacking attacks. The collaboration between IFGICT and HP will empower the cybersecurity standards to let the companies get rid of cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity standards are the key to store important data of different organizations and each of them must be aware of these standards in order for their own selves to keep working smoothly. Nowadays, hackers are quite active and you might get to know every day that an organization’s website got attacked which ultimately caused them to lose all their data. For this reason, IFGICT, which is the perfect cybersecurity standard has collaborated with HP company to get rid of any such issue.

Take a look at how this collaboration will help the organizations and why HP is chosen for this purpose.

What are the possible cybersecurity threats to different organizations?

HP is considered to be the best company among those which are working hard to ensure the safety of organizations’ data. Apart from that, they are also famous for making good quality laptops and other such devices. One of the reports recently released by HP Cybersecurity Threat Report Committee has revealed that cybercrime activities have increased to a large extent in past few years, the reason being less attention paid to the standards by companies. The researchers have also found a number of hacking tools circulating around which were in use of hackers.

Some notable threats revealed by the committee include:

  • Cyber criminals’ collaboration for bigger attacks
  • Delivery of Nastier Malware by Information Stealers
  • VBS Downloader to target Businesspersons
  • Spam campaign to target shipping and other such companies

These security threats are surely not so desirable and organizations must be aware of all these to ensure that they do not face any malware attack. Cybersecurity standards have utmost importance in this regard. 

How will IFGICT’s Collaboration with HP benefit the Organizations?

IFGICT as featured in Time Business News is currently responsible to keep the organizations’ data safe from all the hacking attacks and it lets them know about the hacking tools used by hackers and how they can avoid these attacks. Since HP has been a wonderful choice in this regard, IFGICT has collaborated with HP Cybersecurity Threat Report Committee to empower the standards as a result of which most organizations will benefit.

Dr Kayyali Mohamed, the President of IFGICT seems to be happy with this collaboration. According to him, all the organizations which were not aware of the security risks associated with their websites or those which have been attacked by hackers in the past. “The collaboration of IFGICT with HP Cybersecurity Threat Report Committee will also enhance and empower the cybersecurity standards”, said Dr Kayyali. All in all, both IFGICT and HP will surely help the companies secure their data in the long run.



There are so many organizations nationally and internationally who are not aware of hacking tools and attacks and they get to know about these when they become a victim. Cybersecurity standards offered by IFGICT will not only help them know about these attacks but they can also make sure that everything associated with the organization is safe and sound. IFGICT’s collaboration with HP Cybersecurity Threat Report Committee will also add fuel to fire for hackers apart from empowering the security standards. 



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