This Makeup Look Will Add A Little Bit Of Sunshine To Your Yellow Dress

This Makeup Look Will Add A Little Bit Of Sunshine To Your Yellow Dress

Yellow is the ideal middle ground between minimalism and drama. It pops more than a brown or peach, but it doesn’t go all out like oranges and reds. This is why the colour is versatile and playful. How do you combine a bright yellow ensemble with a high-neck style that doesn’t clash? Tricky, no? It’s not. Jahnvi Kapoor’s look shows how to marry bright colours with neutral-toned palettes. The subtlety of Jahnvi’s base makes the dress more subdued. This is how you can recreate this look using the best makeup products. This is the best makeup for a yellow dress.

You have to recreate this look NOW


Although celebrities have a lot of aspirations, this look is very relatable. It’s simple and well-rounded. Here is a step-by–step guide to help you get there.


Prep N Prime

Double-cleanse your skin to remove deep-seated impurities. Janhvi recommends that you apply a generous amount of face moisturizer to your skin in order to plump, hydrate and achieve the pillow-soft, lush effect Janhvi describes.

All About That Base

Apply a satin-matte, skincare-infused foundation to your face. Apply your concealer to the outer-fold and inner-corners of your nose. Next, blend it upwards along the corners of the lips. You will notice a lift in your face from concealing.


Fleeks on Flicks

Use a spoolie to brush your brows in a sideways position. Use a eyebrow-pencil/pen to enhance their shape. Instead of filling in your brows unnaturally, draw fine hair-like strokes. Skip the pencil if your brows naturally thick and lush. A brow-gel can be used to set the look.


Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

How about eye makeup for a yellow dress? You can just use a warm-toned, brown eye makeup to cover the area above the crease. Also cover the area above your crease. You can also line the area under the eyes with some of this shade. Next, add some bronze/gold shimmer in the middle of the lids. Apply volume-inducing mascara to the lids. Let dry for a few seconds before applying another coat. This is a beautiful eyeshadow makeup to go with a yellow dress.


Contour Couture

You can swap out your warm-toned reds and pinks for a more feminine look. To sculpt and refine your bone structure, contour the area below your cheekbones. Add warmth to the look, do the same on the temples and jawline. To create the illusion of a narrower, thinner nose, add some to the sides.


Glow in Tow: Incoming

Liquid-based luminizers can highlight the highlights of your face. Because that’s where the most light hits, you should focus more on your bridge of the nose. Also, pay attention to the temples, jawline and apples. Highlight the bridge and tip, which will further narrow and thin it down.


Buttercup, Pucker Up!

To give your lips a fuller look, you can use a brown lipstick to line them. To dullen the line slightly, blend it inward. You’re done! To enhance the shine, apply some highlighter to the Cupid’s Bow and the centre of your pout. This makeup looks great on a yellow dress.