Love was not very a thing on these marriages



Wedding try considered the completion out of an early on female’s socialization. Since the dad would arrive at a binding agreement to the husband to be, there can be virtually no consent called for on young fiance. The lower reputation of ancient greek language female is very apparent here. Although not, the fresh Greeks reasoned it was most useful toward defense out-of feminine.

Kyrios and you may Safety

The daddy find the guy for their child based on the defense he might bring her. If the dad was not from inside the enjoy, the students men was picked by the most other male household members from the women.

One that was at charge of your safety away from a good kind of lady was called their particular kyrios. To make sure that carry out very first feel their unique father otherwise male cousin, then followed right up by the their unique spouse.

The protection that has been necessary to be provided from the kyrios are in both terms of economic and you will full hobbies. The brand new kyrios is actually the brand new intermediary between the private website name as well as the personal areas, from which female had been primarily excluded.

The brand new switch within the kyrios out-of father or male prior to the fresh new partner was alternatively proper. The father would have more time to a target himself and his sons. In that sense, marriage itself was also a proper disperse, that was the way it is in a lot of societies of your own ancient industry.

Like in marriage

No less than, not very first. Throughout the years it might grow, however it is alternatively clear that was not the reason for new matrimony anyway. It actually was the security your married guys sent to the newest brides.

Contemplate, they often hitched till the age of fifteen. Very a little bit of security towards defense of your child would not hurt. As to the reasons it had been needed to marry within such as for instance an early age was a concern one generally stays unanswered.

Philia and you can Sex

A good thing you can wish to have throughout these varför gifta sig med ukrainsk tjej marriages is some thing called philia. Philia defines an informal matchmaking, potentially with like, however, hardly ever which have much erotics involved. It included sexual interactions, however, mainly for the purpose of influence people.

Hitched men would most of the time seek sex somewhere else. Although it was typical for men having dating beyond your matrimony, any lady who didn’t maintain the new honor of your family relations (put simply, had sex beyond their unique marriage) was accountable for moicheia.

If accountable, she’d getting blocked out-of doing societal spiritual ceremonies. This will fundamentally indicate that she try omitted off all personal lives anyway.

Brand new punishment into man she visited sleep which have try a bit harsher, however. If a spouse walked in the into a woman with sex having one of several male site visitors, he could kill him versus fearing any kind away from prosecution.

Sex Pros

In case perhaps not with other married women, where do men search for sex? An integral part of it absolutely was as a consequence of pederasty, given that indicated before. A different way to has sex would be to talk with sex workers. There have been two types, together with very first sort of are called porne. Sounds familiar?

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Another types of sex gurus have been titled hetaira, which have been large category. These people were tend to trained in sounds and you may community and had much time relationships that have hitched men. Hetaira might go into the symposium, that has been a private consuming people for men merely. When it facilitate, new hetaira is actually instead just as the geisha out-of Japanese community.


An integral part of the wedding is actually this new dowry, which is basically part of the partner’s wide range who does be provided on partnered lady. It wasn’t legally required, however, ethically there had been zero second thoughts regarding it.

The woman and people was frowned-upon when there clearly was zero dowry involved, that would likewise have outcomes having day to day life. This, too, may need to perform into the proven fact that it had been the fresh new head possessions you to definitely people might have or individual on their own in old Greek neighborhood.