Choosing the Perfect Neelam Stone: A Buyer’s Guide


Selecting an ideal Neelam Stone can be an intricate process. There are various factors to consider such as neelam stone price, dealer trustworthiness, and stone originality. Knowing what to look for when buying Blue Sapphire gemstones is essential. This article provides insight into selecting the appropriate gem by clarifying what to search for when searching.

Authentication and Certification

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is a natural gemstone widely recognized to counteract Saturn’s negative influences in one’s life, providing wealth and harmony and neutralising any negative energy from entering their life.

Vedic astrology has long acknowledged Neelam stones’ healing and calming powers while improving focus, concentration and decision-making power. For this reason, they should be an essential accessory for those engaging in artistic or intellectual pursuits such as writing, music or theatre.

This gemstone is said to alleviate fears associated with enemies and black magic and heal ailments like joint pains, gout and arthritis. Additionally, it is said to assist with anxiety management and mental blockages as well as help you discover your spiritual side. Furthermore, it is a highly protective gemstone against natural disasters like floods, storms and fires – providing more peace of mind!

Astrological Considerations

Neelam stone is an effective gem that can bring many benefits; however, before wearing one it should only be done after consulting an astrological expert. They will review your horoscope and recommend the ideal sapphire color; blue sapphires are the most beneficial.

Neelams vary significantly in color, and their price can depend heavily on this factor. Royal blue hues tend to fetch higher prices. Furthermore, other factors like tone, saturation, and clarity all play into its cost, impacting the neelam ratna price.

Avoid milky-looking blue sapphire as these are an ominous sign of enemy interference and could bring financial hardships. Furthermore, cracked neelam stones may provoke Shani and lead to accidents or death. Ensure your Neelam is in perfect condition before wearing it for safety and a good life ahead.

Alignment with Birth Chart

Neelam stones are fast-acting gemstones that can bring wearers good fortune, new opportunities and promotions, and protection from malevolent energies or psychic attacks.

One popular belief associated with blue sapphires is their ability to open the throat chakra, aiding people in communicating more effectively and expressing themselves clearly – something precious for creative or communication-related fields.

When selecting a blue sapphire, it’s wise to seek the advice of an experienced astrologer. They can assist in choosing the ideal gem based on your birth chart and suggest metals such as gold or silver that complement its energetic vibrations for maximum effectiveness.

Purity and Effects

Neelam stones possess powerful magical energies that can dramatically improve your life. Their mystical energies can help you become more compassionate, open up your chakras and be more open to cosmic vibrations. Plus connect with third eye for clarity of thoughts, ideas, visions and dreams.

However, it is essential to remember that this gemstone works best when chosen according to your astrological chart. Opting for the wrong one could have severe health and financial repercussions as well as depression; thus, a professional astrologer should perform a detailed analysis of your birth chart before choosing natural neelam stones for sale.

Shopping Tips

Blue sapphires, one of the nine sacred gems known as Navratnas and associated with Saturn (Shani), have long been treasured gems renowned for their beauty and profound astrological benefits across generations.

Selecting a high-quality and pure Neelam stone should be conducted with expert astrological assistance. Once it has been identified as suitable for your zodiac sign, focus on selecting one with optimal color, clarity, weight and transparency for maximum effects – usually medium to dark blue transparent Neelam stones are considered most suitable. Ensure you understand which ones will benefit your life depending on current dashas in your natal chart and avoid those which won’t.