What to write in a retirement card for coworker or a colleague

retirement cards

Retirement is a major life event that can be accompanied by a range of feelings, including happiness and sadness, enthusiasm and unease, fond recollections of a past profession and hope for the future. You have a wonderful opportunity to highlight the positives and give your recipient hope for the future when you personalize a retirement card for coworker. 


Need some suggestions for retirement cards wishes that can inspire a new retiree to feel respected, valued, and hopeful? To assist you in doing that, continue reading for writing advice and inspiration. Whether you’re writing to a coworker, friend, or member of your family, here are a variety of retirement messages for coworker to help you make the appropriate impression when you sign your card.


  • The world’s longest coffee break is retirement. Cheers to your coffee! 
  • Your future has arrived. Enjoy! 
  • Enjoy the time you have to relax and sleep in! Best wishes for a happy retirement. 
  • I wish you the very best of luck in your retirement. 
  • Wonderful retirement! Enjoy the downtime and tranquility! 
  • Enjoy your much-needed retirement. You may now indulge in all of life’s better luxuries. 
  • The fun starts now! Gratifying retirement. 
  • Your life has been restored! Take full use of your retirement. 

Retirement messages for coworker

  • You only started yesterday, right? My buddy, happy retirement! 
  • I wish you the chance to pursue all of your unfulfilled desires now that you are retired. Happy New Year! 
  • To be honest, I’m a little envious of you! Have fun in retirement! 
  • I’m happy for your retirement! I wish you the very best on your new life’s path, including good health, happiness, and prosperity. 
  • Good luck with your retirement. Congratulations on entering your new stage of life. 
  • Enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable, and active retirement! 
  • You have arrived at the goal line! Enjoy retirement and your next travels. 
  • The good times are arrived! I’m happy for your retirement. 
  • Your life stage has been upgraded to retirement! Congrats!
  • Retirement isn’t as wonderful as it seems. How will you manage if there is no boss pressure, no deadlines, and no work meetings to look forward to? 
  • Wonderful retirement! You won’t ever need to request a day off again! 
  • You have been wonderful to work with, and I will always remember what you have taught me. You set an excellent example! Have fun in retirement.
  • I can’t image entering the office and without seeing your face. I appreciate every minute you spent with our staff. It is much appreciated! 
  • Your new quarterly objective is to stay away from anything that resembles work! Congratulations on your retirement! 
  • Enjoy your life now. Happy Retirement! 
  • You’ve had such a long and fruitful career. Well done! Enjoy your retirement. 
  • At least you can say that this is the final task you will ever start from scratch! happy retirement!
  • We all think you have been a fantastic leader, and as you celebrate your retirement, we wish you the very best in this new phase of your life. 
  • I hope your retirement brings you all the happiness and satisfaction it can! 
  • No one quits their job; they simply change jobs. Your wife will undoubtedly have plenty of tasks for you to do. Enjoy! 
  • Remember to contact your old pal when you become bored of your two new best mates, the bed and the living room chair! 


Retirement messages for colleagues 


It might be difficult to say goodbye to a departing coworker or colleague, especially if you’ve known them for a long time. As you bid them farewell, you’ll probably start to tear up a bit. Use this as an opportunity to express your sorrow by writing a retirement card for them. Take a look at our selection of adorable retirement cards to discover the ideal card for this joyous occasion.


  • It has truly been a joy working with you. A pleasant and well-deserved retirement is here. 
  • We will miss having you as a supervisor or coworker every day; thank you for your dedication. You deserve this. 
  • Sincere congrats and gratitude to one of the nicest and kindest persons I’ve worked with. 
  • Your sole task right now is to enjoy yourself; I hope your performance assessment goes well! 
  • You did a fantastic job; now it’s time to enjoy yourself. Your work here is finished; it’s time for retirement! 
  • Just consider how much time you’ll waste glancing out the window while trying to be productive – oh wait, that’s me. Have fun in retirement!
  • We’ve decided to extend your weekend by five days because you’ve been working so hard. Thanks for everything, and enjoy your retirement! 

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