How does a Contractor In San Jose Help Me To Get Construction Permits?

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A professional contractor has adequate knowledge about the building codes, which will help get construction permits and save a lot of time of yours. They know exactly what type of renovation work can be carried out in your building. Thus, they will try to deliver the service abiding by the building code.

If you are hiring a contractor to manage your home remodeling project, then they will understand what type of construction permit is required to complete the project. Therefore, they will collaborate with local and state governments to obtain all the construction permits.

A professional contractor also coordinates with the lawyers to ensure your home remodeling project is legitimate. You can contact Done Right Home Remodeling if you want a hassle-free service in your location. So, let us know and we will help you to obtaining the necessary permits.

Benefits of hiring a home remodeling contractor:

  • You need a home remodeling contractor to supervise the home remodeling project
  • They obtain building permits thereby coordinating with all the local, state, and federal government
  • A professional contractor monitors the entire home remodeling project to ensure that everything is well executed.
  • They are experienced enough to carry out such a big project with ease.
  • Hiring a remodeling contractor can save you a lot of time.

How does a contractor help you obtain the necessary construction permits?

A professional contractor can obtain building permits by submitting a foolproof and error-free layout-design plan. Then, they submit this plan to the local government authorities such as the city municipality or the Building & Safety Dept. The permit is obtained after the building plan or site plan passes all the legal requirements.

The contractor prepares a safe and clean site plan that requires a little time to get approval from the concerned officials. You can hire our professionals who have the expertise to get a building permit without facing any legal hassles. The site plan includes the number of rooms to be constructed, home additions, and the exact measurements of the property layout, which helps to obtain the building permit in a very short time.

A professional contractor will help you obtain the necessary permits from the municipality or county abiding by certain steps:

  • The initial step of obtaining a permit involves dropping the application for the same. This process involves preparing a site plan, which will decide what type of permit or approval is necessary for the concerned project.
  • Then, the next step would be to schedule an appointment with the concerned officials for approval of the plan.
  • Modifications are necessary for the existing plan if the officials suggest the same.
  • A contractor also helps schedule inspections for each part of the project, which will minimize your efforts. When the renovation project is complete, they schedule an appointment with the officials to get the final approval.

Types of remodeling work that needs permits:

You need a building permit for your home remodeling project depending on the locality you are residing. So, you will require a building permit in the following circumstances.

  • When you add an additional wall or remove an existing wall, you will need a permit.
  • If you want to add extra square footage to your home, you will need a building permit.
  • In case, you demolish a portion of your home, you will require a building permit for this
  • If you want to convert a garage into a bedroom or a living space, you will have to obtain a building permit.
  • If you want to change the electrical wiring then a permit is what you need to arrange.
  • You will require a permit when you upgrade the piping in your house.
  • Re-roofing your house also requires a permit.
  • If you want to attach a structure, like a patio cover, to your home or make any type of home additions, a building permit is necessary.
  • You will need a building permit while installing or remodeling a swimming pool.


The time period for issuing permits might vary depending on what type of home renovation work you are planning for your home. Some projects are issued at one time and you do not need to return to obtain the permit once again. On the other hand, some projects might take a few more days to be issued to the house owner. So, it will be a smart idea to hire a professional contractor who will help you through. This will minimize your efforts and save a lot of your valuable time. Additionally, it will assure you that your project is legally safe.