Enjoy Offers the Casino in Punta del Este Due the Monetary Reorganization


The popular casino in Punta del Este, Uruguay, Enjoy, is put for sale because of the monetary reorganization of the company that owned the casino.

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From currently on, the popular casino, which had been visited mainly by Brazilians that were looking for enjoyable in nearby gambling establishments, has new proprietors, Euroamérica and Penta. The proprietors will attempt to obtain back the financial investment that was required for the new casino purchase.

The choice about selling was, undoubtedly, difficult. The company didn’t intend to sell the casino, but after the considerable losses that occurred in the Q1 of the year, that was the all-natural next step. Possession Chile, that remained in charge of all the procedures relates to the casino, decided to take place the marketplace.

The casino in Uruguay is owned by Enjoy since 2013, and ever since, they didn’t want to sell it, but the environment changed, which triggered the sale.

After the monetary company, when Possession Chile assisted Enjoy, the company stayed its faithful ally constantly until the sale.

The price under which the casino will be sold is still unidentified. However, apparently, the casino desires to pay back the very least one component of the initial financial investment.

10 years back, Enjoy bought 45% of the property in Uruguay, and the cost of that was US$139 million. In 2017, when the remaining component of the property was sold to Enjoy, the cost was US$189 million, not consisting of the financial obligation the casino acquired and all additional financial investments.

Interested celebrations and plans for the future:

The official sale process didn’t formally start, but some important gamers in the industry had currently been informed and ready to quote. On the various other hand, the company does not quit – the present focus gets on long-lasting plans to increase the success of its procedures, “so they are constantly evaluating new business options both in Chile and in various other markets, not judgment out a feasible collaboration or sale of possessions as among the feasible options.”